Safest Gift

There are just too many things to consider when buying a gift. What makes it even more tricky if it’s for your teen daughter. Teens have different taste and character. One wrong move and you get to find your name under the list of uncool mom. Sometimes, being a mom to teen daughter makes you feel like pulling all your hair out! They can be so unpredictable and they change their minds as fast as picking apples in the fruit aisle of the grocery store. It can be frustrating at times but you got to admit, they are your whole world. So every time they celebrate their birthdays and holidays you find yourself trying to sneak out to look for the perfect gift that can make them smile. Heck, we even find ourselves scrambling out the door to look for something to cheer them up upon finding out they have gone through a breakup! That’s how it is for most moms out there. Good thing I got lucky because I discovered a gold mine! I call it a gold mine because they have the best safe kids makeup that my teen daughter can’t get enough of.

She celebrated her sixteenth birthday and I couldn’t be more thrilled than her when I finally saw how happy I made her upon opening the gift I got her! It is the limited edition makeup gift set of age-appropriate, nut-free makeup for eyes, cheeks, and lips! This Best Birthday Bundle includes 9021-GLOW! Eye and Cheek Palette. It has a collection of six velvety eyeshadows in sheer shimmers to satins, plus matte blush and of course – the beaming highlighter. It has your choice of 10K Shine Lip Gloss, a lightweight, high shine gloss with ultra cushion and lip-smacking Cloud Mine flavor. Cloud Mine is Petite n Pretty’s trademark for their amazing products! My daughter is especially fond of the 10K Shine Lip Gloss. It has what they called Multifaceted Pearls that reflects the light from anywhere.

I am very comfortable and confident with their products because they are proven safe. This is high quality, pediatrician approved, age-appropriate non-toxic makeup. Their products are proven safe and cruelty-free makeup. All their formulas are developed without nuts and nut proteins, including almond, beech nut, Brazil nut, butternut, cashew, chestnut, chinquapin, coconut, hazelnut, ginkgo nut, hickory nut, lychee nut, macadamia nut, pecan, peanuts, pine, pili nut, pistachio, shea nut, and walnut.  It’s also touching to know that they don’t test their products on animals and they never intend to do so in the future.  I am happy that I finally found a partner where I can constantly rely on to maintain the common ground when it comes to raising my teen daughter. We never run out of anything to talk about. Every day is a work in progress that simply promises a bright future for her and contentment for me. I have been to several frustrating situations where I can’t come up with a safe gift for her, let alone a gift. I have been there and I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Now, it’s right out in the open where you too could feel the tight bond and happiness that my teen daughter and I have more than ever.

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